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Welcome to the NETadmin Documentation Wiki! This site aims to wikify the 8.3 Reference Manuals to make them available in a more useful and maintainable format, updated to reflect the improvements made in later versions of NETadmin.

It also contains a searchable and browsable version of the NETadmin Knowledge Base with information about all patches and workarounds released since 2009.

Products and Versions


  • GeoMaps module makes it possible to visualize your NETadmin data geographically.
  • IP Log module provides IP address traceability for subscribers with dynamically assigned IP addresses.
  • Skanova NetBusiness Connect integration provides automated DSL/copper order management in Sweden.
  • Ericsson PEM integration allows provisioning of services on Ericsson equipment.
  • GAPS integration allows provisioning and troubleshooting tools for Genexis CPEs.

Knowledge Base

  • KB0975: Update address as service provider user don’t work
  • KB0974: Economy page won’t load with a lot of subscription using it
  • KB0973: Import services sometimes fails
  • KB0972: Service provider users can’t change their own password
  • KB0971: Subscription group pages are slow to load.
  • KB0970: Manual input using assembly as source don’t respect the assembly status.
  • KB0969: Using filter when viewing PATH listing are ignored.
  • KB0968: Issues when creating Service Provider users.





Third Party Software

New pages

Use Cases


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